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Baby Gemachs

Nursing Hotline
Help and advice for new nursing mothers
Call: Mrs. Aiello at 908-355-3998

Coordinating Outreach to Lighten Infant

Help for mothers of colicky babies
To volunteer or for help call: 212-352-7193

Gemach Malka
Brand-new Medela nursing pumps
Call: 718-853-9548 or 718-851-7040

Baby Formula Gemachs
If you need formula or want to donate:
Call Boro Park: 718-972-2142 Flatbush: 718-253-5497
Williamsburg: 718-782-5145 Five Towns: 718-377-2268

Gemach Zichron Tzivia Leah
Brand-new Medela nursing pumps available up to
six weeks, call: 718-854-2227 (Boro Park)
Advice Milk and Formula Referrals

Gemachs for Multiples Equipment:

Eizer Aim VeYeled: Nursing Pumps
Call: 845-794-9277 (Available throughout Brooklyn)

Diapers for Multiples
Call: 718-909-7622 Hour Blessings
Lending a hand to mothers of multiples
Call: Faigy 718-438-9013 Devorie: 718-431-9535

Neshei C.A.R.E.S. Mothers of Multiples
Baby equipment: carriages, high chairs,
car seats. Call: 718-253-6234
Clothing, call: 718-436-2466

Leibel Fink Preemie Gemach
Car seats, clothing, books, bottles, support
(Available in Brooklyn and Monsey) 845-362-9222

Bili Blanket Gemach
Jaundice lowering electrical medical blanket
Call: 845-494-5498, 845-425-8966 or 845-362-4305

Infant Scales
For digital and analog, call Braun at: 718-338-0087
For analog, call: 718-692-3425

Gemach Zichron LeShlomo
PortaCribs available. Call Chamoula at: 718-627-9290

Cradle for Newborns
Call Rubinstein at: 718-438-2628

My Gemach/The Baby Gemach

Collects and gives away clothing up to size 3T.
Furniture, strollers, formula in the tri-state area.
Call: 201-486-1492

Car Seat Gemach
Car seats and Booster seats for short-term loan
Call: 845-325-5017 (Brooklyn)

Bubby's Car Seat Gemach
Short-term car seat Gemach
Call: C.S. Fogel at 718-338-1676 (evenings)

Gemach Chasdei Chaim Car Seat Gemach
Call: 917-468-7557

Chasdei Shmuel Car Seat Gemach
Call: 718-854-6829 (Boro Park)

Gemach Zichron Tzvi V Breindel
Car Seat Gemach, call: 917-709-7512 (Williamsburg)

Keren Memalei
Will find someone who can use your crib, swing, playpen,
etc. Call Mrs. Loeb at: 718-377-3810

Zichron Aharon Tzvi Yehuda
Pack in Plays and bassinets, call: 718-854-6829

Gemach Zichron Naftali Zvi
Bassinets, Pack in Plays, folding cots; $20 deposit
Call Chavi at: 718-692-2270

Yad Efrat Letinokot
For Pack in Plays, call: 718-686-7974
For car seats and breast pumps, call: 718-256-2041
For high chairs and swings, call: 718-871-8097
For PortaCribs, call: 718-437-1167

Gemach Keren Eta Rashi
Porta-Cribs for newborns, $20 deposit
Call: 718-382-5592

Gemach Chasdei Miriam
Baby cribs to borrow for up to 6 months
Call: 718-599-2115

Mali Lew Newborn Gemach
Lending of complete infant layettes sizes 0-3 months including linens.
of new clothing appreciated. Call: 718-859-9549 or 718-377-0423 
Baby Clothing in the 5 towns, Preemie-4T, call: 718-327-7174

Baby Layette Gemach
Basket of full of brand new beautiful newborn baby
clothing for those in need. Call: 718-377-4207

Gemach Ezer LeYoldos

A new layette given to new mothers in need
Call: 718-431-9158

Ezras Chana Gemach for Baby Layettes
Call: (718) 363-3333 or (718) 953-9387

Baby Clothing:

Gemach Zichron LeShmuel
Brit outfit available, call Chamoula 718-627-9290

Brit Gemach
Beautiful puyas, pillows and outfit for brit 718-871-7902

Brit Gemach
Brit pillowcases, outfits, blankets, puya outfit;
no charge, do not have to wash, call Gitty 718-435-3638

Bensonhurst Brit Gemach
Outfit, puya, blanket, and pillowcase,
no need to wash, no charge 718-236-0926

Brit Gemach
White blanket and pillow cover 718-252-7480

Yad Yaakov Brit Gemach
Beautiful brit outfits, puyas, pillows, blankets;
no washing, no charge 718-436-4642 718-837-5137

The Complete Brit Gemach
Pillows, bunting, and outfit free 917-682-5403

Brit Gemach
Puya with a matching pillow,
car seats (Brooklyn)

Brit Gemach
Outfits, pillowcases, blankets, puyas, etc.
718-871-5467 (Boro Park)
718-599-5508 (Williamsburg)

Brit Outfits Gemach
Beautiful buntings and outfits 718-436-6074

Gemach Zichron Yisroel
Brit outfit and embroidered pillow; do not have to wash;
donation to Bonei Olam requested
Call Steinberg at: 718-951-2247 (Flatbush)

Gemach Chasdei Moshe and Nefesh Chaya
Brit pillow, puya outfit and silver plated
Pidyon HaBen tray 718-854-2511

Kengsington Brit Pillow Gemach
pillowcase with a lace puya 347-413-6137

Gemach Zichron Moshe Yaakov
Brit outfit, pillow, blanket and puyas
Call: 718-258-8917 or 718-972-1119

Brit and Pidyon Haben Gemach
Outfits and pillows available, please dry clean
after use 718-258-0911

Brit Cards
With appropriate Tefillos to be said by guests at a Brit
Call: 718-253-3716 or 718-382-0359 or 732-370-8218

Gemach Shayish
Cards with Tefillot to say at a brit when the baby cries.
Call: 845-425-5017

Gemach Zichron Pinchos and Rivka Roiza
Tefillos to say at a Brit; call Portowicz : 718-338-4243

Keren Zichron Avraham Moshe

Cards with Tefillot to say at a Brit, call: 718-376-5545

Brit HaChesed
order a brit leshem mitzvah 718-387-0207 732-370-7056

To volunteer to cook for a brit, call: 718-599-2564
To provide a brit at no cost for those in need,
call: 718-851-6357 or 917-776-7785 1-888-THE-BRIT
Mohel available for brit free for those in need.

1-800-MOHEL- 4U
Mohel available to do a brit free for those in need
Silver Coins and Tray Available for your Pidyon HaBen
Call: 718-337-2228 (Far Rockaway)

Pidyon HaBen Tray Gemach
Large ornate silver tray available for a Pidyon Haben
Call: 718-438-4993

Pidyon HaBen Tray Gemach
Call: 718-756-4946 (Crown Heights)

Silver Plated Pidyon Haben Tray Gemach
Call: 718-851-8416 (Boro Park)


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